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Does the concept of planting winter rye grass sounds great to you? Grass like this is planted during early fall to give ground cover meant for winter. It truly grows in the hotter days of winter, when sunlight brings temperatures to higher than freezing, regardless of if snow were to cover the soil. Winter rye doesn't require a large amount of water. The perfect time to plant grass like rye is during early fall, ideally between mid Sep through late October. If you decide to over-seed, meaning plant over old grass patches, be absolutely certain you cut the current grass highly short so that the seeds can settle down thru the soil of your present grass. You may plant it on cleared soil.

Planting winter rye grass requires adequate care. Once the seeds are distributed either manually or just throwing fistfuls all though your grass, you can water it regularly. Inside one week you'll see the start of a supple green grass. Rye grass should remain green and abounding until the temperatures reach 90 degrees, which generally occurs during May.

When deciding to plant winter rye grass, you must establish the best planting time suitable for your special climate. This will depend on the date on which you traditionally have your first freeze. Winter rye grows well in soil types that are well drained.

Your rye seeds can be planted by broadcasting. The quantity of seed needed would be about two pounds of rye seeds for each 1,000 square foot of grass. When planting winter rye, measure your garden’s size and work out the quantity of seed required. You might want to rake the grass again to make sure the seeds are equally distributed.

Straight after planting winter rye, water it. Ensure the grass is wet, although not over-watered. You’ll have fun watching the seeds grow into a pretty grass of winter rye.

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Have you ever tried searching for landscapers Pittsburgh in order to help you design your Pittsburgh landscape? Landscaping projects are quite difficult and complex and it requires trained and qualified professionals to be able to complete the task efficiently and timely. There are hundreds of landscapers everywhere you look. How can you be sure that you are getting the best overall quality and style for the money you are spending? The following information will be beneficial to you and will help you avoid costly mistakes during which you are finding the right landscapers.



Landscapers Pittsburgh can make a variety of services available. You have to make sure that you choose a landscaper or company who will be able to provide all of your services at one time. Having more than one company work on the same project can become confusing and expensive. It is best to find one company that can do it all. It will save you money and bring continuity to your project. Make sure to do your research before you hire professional landscapers in Pittsburgh. There is nothing worse than hiring someone you know nothing about. Taking a shot in the dark like that on a project that can have so much impact on the value of your home or property is a huge risk that you can definitely avoid.



Researching qualifications of landscapers Pittsburgh should be as simple as viewing their website or making a quick phone call. Most reputable companies will be able to relay the qualifications and direct you a list of reasons why you should choose them. Not only is experience imperative, but an eye for design can also make the difference between having a cohesive creation that merges with your property or clashing elements that distract from a peaceful atmosphere.


If you are having a hard time finding information, you can ask the landscaping company directly. They should be able to provide pictures or addresses of the properties on which they have done work. You would be able to see firsthand the quality of work if you drive by the location. You might even be able to talk to the property owner and ask questions about the quality, their level of satisfaction and whether the project was completed in a timely manner. Keep all these things in mind when hiring professional landscapers Pittsburgh to avoid costly mistakes.


Routine lawn care and maintenance are a vital aspect in maintaining a property’s appearance, particularly in warmer weather when a great number of people devote so much more time enjoying the outdoors. Regardless of just how big or small your property is, or just how elaborately or simply it is landscaped, cutting the lawn at appropriate times just isn’t sufficient to preserve its visual appeal. Unfortunately, tall weeds tend to sprout up and tower everywhere they can, particularly along walkways, buildings, and trees.

Not very many lawn mowers can safely get flush to the edges of those objects to quite cut all the weeds, and so they pull the attention away from the loveliness of the rest of the neatly trimmed yard. An effective cordless weed trimmer can be an exceptional tool for making certain your property lives up to its most attractive potential. By using one of these invaluable garden tools plus a good lawn mower, your premises will seem like expert gardeners are caring for it.

One of the most advantageous properties of a cordless weed trimmer is the fact that it’s rechargeable. You don’t have to have just the proper mixture of gasoline and oil in order to make an electrical weed eater work, let alone function at its maximum capacity. Most chargers additionally double as storage holders for weed trimmers, so when you are done trimming weeds you’ll be able to just hang up the trimmer on its charger and rest assured it will be ready for you once the weeds once more raise their heads.

An additional benefit of this kind of weed eater is its light weight and ease of use. Weed trimmers driven by gas tend to be unwieldy, heavy, and can be a literal pain to start. Any person with health problems that impair the complete function of the back or arms can find gas powered trimmers difficult, if not impossible, to just get started. Using the increased weight afterward could put an individual with a problematic back out of commission for several days. A cordless weed trimmer puts substantially less stress on the lower back, even when employed on a large property with a lot of weedy trouble spots.

The single disadvantage in several models of rechargeable trimmers is their relative lack of power. If you have higher weeds with woody stems that are as thick as your thumb, you’ll use a lot of string trying to cut them down.

Almost all styles of cordless weed trimmer are really user friendly in starting, running, and also in the replacement of the string that actually does the cutting. Extending that string when it frays and becomes worn away is also typically a simple matter. Frequently operating these models is as easy as pressing two buttons on the handle simultaneously and holding them down in order to keep the string rotating.

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Whether you run a daycare or have youngsters of your own, making an investment in a kids playhouse is an excellent chance to teach your children to fantasize. An outdoor playhouse can offer hours upon hours of entertainment for youngsters that long to use their imaginations to create all sorts of different scenarios. With the incredible assortment of playhouses that are currently available on the market, choosing just the right option for your yard could turn out to be a tricky decision.

If you run a in home daycare with a larger group of children you're going to need the playhouse that you select to be particularly strong. Even though they are little, kids can exact reasonably difficult damage on their toys so selecting a toy house that is little but tricky is certainly a concept that should be foremost in your brain when you're shopping. You are going to need to make sure that it is built to last and that it offers great play worth for the money.

If you are searching for a fun addition for your yard for your grandkids to enjoy then it might be time to throw circumspection to the wind and choose a tantalizing treat that their parents won't be ready to indulge them with. A fairy princess castle would be a wonderful option particularly if you've a granddaughter that loves to play dress up or a grandson that enjoys being king of the castle. By indulging them with an over the top creative castle you induce their imaginations and create the ideal environment for them to create wonderful early memories. Just imagine them as grown adults looking back on the magical memories that they made while playing at their grandparents ‘ house.

While choosing just the right structure could be a task in and of itself, it is great to understand that the options that are available are vast and varied. No longer do you have to settle for merely a straightforward tree fort in the backyard. These days you can go for a pint sized hairdresser shop, a 2 story cottage, or perhaps a firehouse with realistic touches to enjoy.

Playhouses for children have definitely gone upscale both in their design and in the concern for detail that is contained within each home. Take your time and investigate all the different options that are accessible to you so that your final call is a purchase that you're exceptionally OK with.

This writer suggests getting your kid a kids playhouse. You will find the ideal playhouse to fit your youngster's character with customised out of doors wooden playhouses.

One of the most recent trends when it comes to outside decorating is the utilization of fire pits. Their main feature is that they contain a fire and stop it from spreading but still allow users to enjoy its advantages. They are used to accent garden set ups and are good for decorating restaurants who've al-fresco dining styles. There are different kinds of this product like the gas fire pits and propane fire pits.

If you're looking for gas fire pits you need to try checking out Woodland Direct’s Manta Ray Gas Burning Fire Pit. It is a unique piece of art which will surely add elegance and beauty to your yard or to your log cabin. Its lovely cultured design is only icing on the cake since it is highly functional too. Since it is made from very thick steel it's got a very strong construction which will last you many years of usage. It's also very OK to use because its inside is covered with a high temperature resistant paint and is fitted out with a rain drain in the bottom.

Another Woodland Direct product that comes highly recommended is the Tripod Crystal Fire Pit. Entertain your visitors at a rear yard bar-b-cue and enjoy beautiful dancing flames when the evening comes. This item is designed with a modern tripod style. It is constructed with durability under consideration since it is made of weather resistant aluminium. The item is instantaneously made to run on LP Gas but may also be converted to natural gas with the use of an adaptor.

The Azteca Gas Fire Pit also comes strongly recommended from those who have already bought it. It features and alterable flame between 20,000 to 32,000 BTU and incorporates a spark screen cover. It also works with natural gas or propane. What makes this product special is that it is made using firex material that gives it an earthy, old-world, clay look but still maintains its modern day durability. This is the best option for you if you are living in an area that proscribes wood burning or if you're looking out for a quick out of doors getaway.

If you are looking for the one of the finest propane fire pits you need to consider the Humbolt Steel 66030 model from Mantels Direct ( It is fitted with a stainless-steel burner which makes for cozy evenings in your rear yard or patio bonding with your loved ones over hot chocolate. It also has an alterable flame for ease in controlling the temperature and uses the standard 1 lb propane tank.

So check out these advised products if you're on the lookout for the following new addition to your household.

This writer has invested into gas fire pits and suggests gas fire pits fire accents.

It really is enjoyable to do your own home improvements- specially with so many awesome ideas and tutorials that can be found online or just by viewing one of the many home decor channels on satellite TV. Making something with your own hands gives you that sense of accomplishment and also boosts your self-image as others marvel at your artistry. Which is particularly true if you are not a expert in that area. Cement is one of those multipurpose materials which can be used to make a great number of items around your home.

Because I have recently moved into a new home with my husband and love pottering in the garden I decided to make my front garden my first home improvement project. I let him tackle the painting of the home while I breathed in the fresh air. The front garden is after all the very first encounter you and other have with your home so it needs to be charming. Planting plants also takes time to grow, so I figured that tackling the garden first would allow my garden to take shape as we got the rest of the house in order.

Making a pathway was my main priority and I decided to make a concrete slab pathway with peddles and gem stones set in the concrete. The most important ingredient in making concrete is cement. Cement can be very heavy so if you are a lady, make sure that you get your husband or someone to help you in transporting the cement.

The materials which you need to get started are:

o Cement mix (sand and aggregate)
o Water
o Pave mold
o Shovel
o Gloves
o Wheelbarrow

Clear the pathway of any debris and make sure that the pathway is as flat and as even as possible.

Next mix the cement mix with water in the wheelbarrow. The quantity of water to be mixed with cement will be stated on the packaging. Cement mix makes the job so much easier, otherwise you need to mix the other ingredients with yourself.

When the right consistency is reached with the cement and water mixture, the concrete will be ready to place in the mold. Place the mold at your starting point and shovel the concrete into the mold. Use your hand (with plastic gloves on) on flatten the cement and to smooth out the surface. When the surface is smooth you can scatter your pebbles and gem stones evenly over the surface.

Let the concrete set in the mold for a maximum of 5 minutes and then you can remove the mold and proceed to the next tile. Once the entire pathway has been completed you should let it dry over night, by morning you can begin to fill the crevices with sand and water down to clean the surface.

When buying the cement for your pathway, speak to the sales person at the hardware store in order for them to advise you on which cement type is the best as certain types and strengths of cement are better for heavily trafficked and outdoor areas.

There are wooden play sets which are accommodated when you build a gazebo. An extension could be an option if you have plans of setting a place where kids can enjoy playing. Pre assembled and ready for fitting extensions also come in the gazebo kits. The kids love to play on watchtower where they can climb to the top of it and slide back down to the ground. Swing and sand pots can also be installed. These give them many hours of playing outdoors and still have protection from the sun or the rain.   The slides and chairs are not included in the gazebo kits. You can have gazebo designs which are adjustable to the kids as they grow. There are adjustable gazebo designs where you can adjust it as your kids grow. You can do some modifications on the features that suit your mood.

A persons’ imagination is the limit of the designs when you build a gazebo, it could be with a container for ice cold soft drinks or beers or maybe with a TV  right above it where you can watch while in the hot tub or it could be built with speakers around for music entertainment. All you probably want to escape into your little world shut the rest away and rejuvenate.   Or you could be one who prefers the company of others when you want to relax, so you will have a gazebo design which accommodates seats, pool tables, indoor games, drinks and soft music or television.This will give you and your friends’ lots to do and the fun will definitely keep them coming.

Position a spa or a hot tub when you build a gazebo would be great for the ladies.  This is perfect place for girls to relax and chat for the days they missed with friends. In that way you could save lot of money for those treatments on the commercial health spa. It is better if you hire professionals to do the services privately in your home. This strategy could attract your other friends on visiting your place and probably coming regularly.

Most people, at some point or another, have at least considered taking up the hobby of gardening. Those that haven’t usually aren’t aware of the benefits, or have never seen the rewards for themselves. Some don’t even think they have the time or space; don’t write off gardening so quickly. With a few simple tips, best practices ,and ideas you might decide it’s something to try at the very least.

Myth #1 I don’t live in an area where I can grow anything :(

Poppycock! Things grow just about everywhere on this earth, unless you live in Antarctica (which still has plant life growing such as  lichens, mosses, and some fungi). It’s just not a valid excuse. I suggest asking popular nurseries, greenhouses, and experienced gardeners in your area what grows best. Although, it can differ from yard to yard based on factors such as soil type, organic life, previous care, and much more. This will at least get you started.

Myth #2 I have no gardening talent – “the brown thumb syndrome”.

People have been growing things for hundreds of years. The reason some people believe you either have a “green thumb” or you just don’t is because they have not taken the time to research what it really requires to take “ a patch of soil and grass” to a “garden”. Also, they try it one way, don’t get the instant results they so hoped for, and decide it’s just not in their genes. Ever hear the phrase: “there’s more then one way to skin a cat”? Well there are many different gardens out there, each the product of its own formula.

Myth #3 I don’t have the room

Well, I doubt that entirely. At the very least you have a lawn of a town-home, condo, or apartment. Okay, so apartments usually don’t have lawns for their residents to use, but I do know of apartment dwellers with fantastic mini gardens. How, you ask? Simple, containers such as urns, pots, or even vertical planters can be placed in a window sill or on a balcony can produce more than you might think. With all the different types and shapes and sizes out there, there’s really no wrong choice from simple recycled plastic bottles with holes in the bottom to big industrial metal containers. Whatever best suits your needs is my best recommendation, though if your hanging it by a window you may want to rethink it if it’s a clay pot two stories up. Make sure your container has some holes for drainage so you don’t drown the plant. Also,  keep in mind that potted plants need more fertilizer and care since mother nature isn’t quite as directly involved. Basically, a garden is really as big as you want it, or as big as YOU make it. So, whatever space you have, you can grow something.

Here’s an example of gardening at it’s simplest:

Myth #4 I don’t have the time
Much like the lack of space myth, the “I don’t have time” excuse is usually exactly that,just an excuse. With a little ‘prep time’ figuring out what you want from your garden and how your going to make it happen you can cut down on a lot of frivolous time (i.e oh i forgot to get fertilizer, i have to go back to the store, well I’ll do it tomorrow…) and enjoy the rewards of your garden sooner. Another reason i believe people accept this excuse is because they see their retired neighbor spending hours a day caring for it. That is also not a good idea to get wrapped up in, due to the fact that depending on what you want from your garden, this usually is entirely unnecessary. Bottom line is you don’t have to be a professional landscaper,what you put in your garden is what you’ll get back. I see no reason not to have a nice little ‘hobby’ garden to spend time in now and then, if that’s all you want it to be.

OK, now that we debunked some popular gardening myths, let’s get into to some other important things on gardening.

Setting up a garden properly
One thing that usually demotivates people much more then it should is that they stick through the first year and they just don’t get the results they expected. Well, I say this should motivate them for next year! Think of it this way: anytime you try something new, you need to learn the basics and practice what you’ve learned. The more you practice, the better you get. Gardening is no different.  Each year will get a little better as long as you’re sticking to the basics, and gradually implementing new tips and ideas.

now then lets move on to some things to keep in mind to properly set up a garden

One of the most important things to take care of before buying your plants is to make sure the soil is rich in nutrients and minerals. Some good ideas are to test the soil’s pH level and note if the soil is sandy or clay based. You can purchase a pH test kit from your local nursery or garden center. Before planting it can also be a good idea to stir the soil. This can be done by digging about 12 inches down, and stir or mix it with your hands or a shovel. A lot of times this is referred to as “turning” the soil.

Remember to look into what your shrub life requires from your soil, as well as the space required, as some obviously need more than others. Consider adding organic matter, such as compost, or fertilizer. Make sure your garden is in a place where it will receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Some plants like shade and thrive in less sun, so always check and double check the sun requirements of your desired plants.

Now that you’re set up, we can move on to maintenance
Congratulations! You just got started and already you’ve already passed the most daunting tasks. As Newton states in his first law of motion “an object in motion, stays in motion”. With a little time making sure its properly watered, the soil remains healthy, and the neighbor’s dog isn’t tearing it up, you will soon reap the rewards. One final tip is to keep learning about the game of growing.

Future of your garden
Well my friends, that’s about all the time we have for now. I wish to end by saying that the future of your garden is in your hands. Just keep exploring what works for you, be open minded, and above all – have fun!

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